Lead Pastors

Rod & Renee Hidalgo

Hi Friends! Thanks for stopping by our page! We'd love to introduce ourselves and hope to meet you soon!

We have a passion to see people genuinely know Christ through experiencing life in authentic community!

Originally from Mexico City, Rod helped his family plant a church in Mexico City when he was still a teenager. He later served as that church's first youth pastor and worship pastor. After moving to the U.S. in 2003, he has continually served in ministry in various roles including youth, worship, missions, and pastoral care. Rod completed his undergraduate degree in International Relations from Universidad del Valle de Mexico in 2002, and later completed an M.A. in Religion with a concentration in Worship Studies from Liberty University in 2010.
Renee grew up in Iowa, and moved to Virginia in 1998 to attend LIFE Bible College East. She received a Bachelor of Theology in 2002, and completed her graduate work from Regent University in 2007, receiving a Master's Degree in Organizational Leadership with a concentration in Intercultural Studies. She has served in ministry since 2000 in various roles including missions, outreach, college age, small groups, administration, and pastoral care.

In 2015, we planted Community Life Church and have been serving as the Lead Pastors since then.

We have been married since 2003 and have 3 active and wonderful kids: Camille, Jazelle, and Preston! We are so excited for what God is doing in this new season at Community Life Church, and we hope to see you soon!

--Pastors Rod & Renee Hidalgo

meet our leaders

Matt Moore

Assistant Pastor

I love the Church.  I love that its purpose is to spread healing, hope, and good news. I love that we do that by being kind, by loving others, by helping people, and by telling people about Jesus. And, I love that in my position I get to be a part of helping others do that too.

I hope God will work through me to help expand our reach in the areas He has called us, and I hope to help CLife keep moving our impact outside our building and outside Sunday into our community and the world every day.

Hannah Burnette

Children's Pastor

I love working in children's ministry because I am passionate about pointing kids to Jesus in creative and fun ways. My hope is that every child that comes to Community Life feels known and can experience the love that Jesus has for them.

I also love helping oversee the Women's Community Groups at Community Life Church. My heart for community groups is that everyone would have a place to belong and be known. I believe smaller groups are often where deeper spiritual transformation happens!

Haley Smith

Youth Director

I love youth so much! I am a high school teacher and have the privilege to teach and live life alongside our youth kids, both in and out of school. Knowing Jesus changes everything! These youth years can be tough and lonely without knowing and having a relationship with God, who is our hope. My heart for our youth is that they know Jesus is their friend, companion, and confidence. When they walk with Him, they learn that they are never alone and always have a friend. Our youth are the light in their school, in their homes, and in our world!

Cat Mansdoerfer

High School Director

I had a great experience growing up in kids and youth, and I'm passionate about sharing God's love with our younger generation! High School is the last stop before we launch these youth to college and young adulthood. I want to help high-schoolers make these years count!

I also oversee our Outreach Ministry to Melinda's Melody, a low-income Senior Citizen Apartment Complex in Christiansburg. These are our favorite Seniors to love on!

Sergio Lara

Worship Pastor/Hispanic Ministry Pastor

Every time I remember that we were created to praise God, I can't stop thinking about all the things that God has brought into my life! His Grace has undeservedly reached me and there are no words to describe this much love! Whether in English or Spanish (my native tongue), I love how God works in every one of us, creating bridges and opportunities including the growing Hispanic Community! I am passionate about music and technology! I enjoy being able to worship together as a church, meeting new people, building friendships, spending time together, and being able to experience all that God is through the local church!

¡Cada vez que recuerdo que fuimos creados para alabar a Dios, no puedo dejar de pensar en todas las cosas que Dios ha traído a mi vida! ¡Su Gracia me ha alcanzado inmerecidamente y no hay palabras para describir tanto amor! Ya sea Inglés o Español (mi lengua materna), me encanta cómo Dios trabaja en cada uno de nosotros, creando puentes y oportunidades, incluida la creciente Comunidad Hispana, Dios está haciendo algo increíble en CLife Church, ¡Soy un apasionado de la música y la tecnología! ¡Disfruto poder adorar juntos como iglesia, conocer gente nueva, construir amistades, pasar tiempo juntos y poder experimentar todo lo que Dios es a través de la iglesia local!

Paola Lara

Online Director/Hispanic Ministry Pastor

I love God and my family. I am God’s daughter, a wife, and a blessed mom. Spanish is my superpower, I was born and raised in Mexico City and my passion is to build bridges through language so that everyone may find a place to belong even if English is not their first language.

Technology has become a part of my life and I’m amazed how it brings people together. Let’s use it to bring Him glory! . My favorite quote is from C.S. Lewis: “Look for Christ and you will find Him, and with Him everything else.” 

Patrick Sims

Children's Ministry Staff Pastor

I love kid's ministry! They are the church of today with smaller chairs! I am passionate about showing that the truths of God aren't too complicated for kids to understand! He created kids with a unique way of seeing His world, and they can experience Him that way! God's world is a big place, and God is calling the kids to experience it and minister to it when they are equipped to do so!

Amy Sims

Children's Ministry Staff Pastor

Creating space and experiences for kids to meet God, learn who He is and who He made them to be is a great passion of mine. I learn through music and would love for songs to fill the lives of each child so they can hide the Word in their hearts and take it wherever they go as they grow.

Drew Smith

Media Specialist

I love to be able to be behind the scenes and troubleshoot technology problems. I love the relationships we build on the media team!

Excellence in our Media Team enables people to worship without distractions as well as helps those joining us online be able to experience what God has for them!

Natalie Parrish

Children's Ministry Assistant

I love working with the kids at CLife because they are passionate about learning about God and furthering their relationships with him! They are also FULL of energy and I love being surrounded by them!

Our kids at CLife are some of my favorite human beings on the planet!

Michael Aiken

College Ministry Director

College age is such a crucial time in a person's life.  I love meeting our college students wherever they are in their walk with Jesus.  Building relationships, trust, accountability, and a huge sense of belonging is something I never got to experience in college.  It is something we feel led to pursue and correct in our valley!  

When you see what can happen when these students become on fire for the Lord, you better watch! This opportunity to lead college students has been a passion for my wife and myself for a long time!

Kristy Aiken

College Ministry Director

We LOVE college students! It's such a crucial age because this is the age where many habits are formed and long-term decisions are made. We are placed in a location where we can impact students. We are meant to be a place where ALL college students feel loved!

They bring so much excitement and passion that can make a huge impact for Jesus. We want to meet them right where they are and let them know they have a place to belong and to be known. The next generation is so important to us!

Church Council Team

Our Church Council Team is elected or ratified by the church membership and shares the responsibility of stewarding the financial resources of the church . They serve by helping run the business aspect of the church.

Dale Henderson

Elizabeth Watson

Shannon Honaker

Julie Gill

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